Cool Chinese Zodiac Facts

You probably know your Zodiac Sun sign based on your date of birth. This is the Western or Tropical zodiac, which has 12 signs. There’s also Indian, Sidereal, Chinese, and more.

Whoa! Is your mind reeling right now? Don’t think you have to know everything about your sign in every tradition. You’re welcome to dive into the differences and similarities between these astrological traditions, but there won’t be a quiz.

Today, let’s focus on the Chinese Zodiac.

Around the new year, you might hear that this is the Year of the Rabbit or the Year of the Dog. Have you ever wondered what that means and how it applies to you? This is the Chinese Zodiac, and your birth year has an animal assigned to it.

This Ted Talk video we found for you online briefly explains the Chinese Zodiac, so that when you hear the year of some animal, you’ll know what this means and how it can be applied to your life.

Isn’t astrology fascinating? Different traditions around the world have used celestial movements to sail ships, make predictions, and even understand how human beings work. Now that you know about the Chinese zodiac, you can add this to your astrological knowledge.

Astrology has been helping humans understand themselves for centuries.

Reading your daily horoscope can help provide a little insight into how you might think and behave. Your zodiac sign doesn’t offer a prediction or try to control you. Instead, it offers guidance for someone with your behavioral tendencies. What you do with that guidance is, of course, always up to you.

You can embrace astrology as a source of wisdom or just read your horoscope as pure entertainment. You can absorb in the information you learned about the Chinese zodiac – or not. Your astrological practice is all about what you make of it.

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