Top 5 Kissers of the Zodiac


Have you ever wondered which zodiac signs are the best kissers? Well, I bet you’re wondering now. Check out the following video that we found for you online and see if your sign made this list.

If you’re in the top five, you’re probably sharing this with a little humble brag about your kissing skills. Or maybe you just smiled knowingly and moved on with your life. If you didn’t make the list, you’re probably wondering what kind of sample size was used to collect this data and wondering if they just rounded up your sign’s worst kissers. Are you tempted to sign up and set the record straight?

Whether this feels accurate to you or makes you want to lock lips to prove your competency, it’s fun to think that your star sign just might influence how you kiss.

Didn’t make the list? You can always use it as an excuse to practice, right? If practice makes perfect, then you’re in for some fun. Go work on your technique, and you’ll know in your heart that you should be on this list whether or not you see you’re sign in the top 5 or not.

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