The Ideal Bestie for Each Zodiac Sign

The Ideal Bestie for Each Zodiac Sign
The Ideal Bestie for Each Zodiac Sign

Best friends are important. Everyone needs their ride or die, the true blue buddy we can count on no matter what. Let’s take a look at the ideal bestie for each sun sign.


A down-to-earth bestie is best for an Aries. Their impulsiveness and high energy need a laid-back bestie to keep them grounded. They’re still going to be up for adventures, but there will be less risky business going on with a more level-headed friend around to talk sense when they need to hear it. Keep Calm and Head to the Nearest Beach will be the peak Aries-and-bestie vibe.


Taurus needs a bestie who isn’t too stubborn or easily offended. Their strong personality pairs best with a bestie who can be flexible but who can also help them see other perspectives. A shared love of tacos couldn’t hurt either.


Gems need a buddy who will accept them as they are and give them space when they need it. An ideal bestie for clever Gem will be social and able to keep up with their quick wit and humor. Someone down for a little friendly competition will definitely qualify as an ideal ride or die. Signing up for an obstacle run or even a friendly game of darts could be the whole hang-out mood of Gem and friend.


Cancers pair well with signs with courage. Their emotional temperament and love of hearth and home can really use the balance of a sign that will encourage them to get out of that comfort zone sometimes to try something new. Of course, Cancer friends need to be kind and willing to be nurtured and also be able to speak up for themselves if that nurturing becomes smothering. They’re happy to order delivery and stay in to watch movies, but if they do venture a little further afield with their besties, expect them to go for fun and friendly over wild and crazy adventures.


Best friends for Leo need to be strong on support and admiration. Leos like to be the Queen B—and what that B stands for is up to your particular Leo. Kidding, of course. But a bestie for Leo does need to be able to hang with their courage and support their creativity. A spa retreat could be an ideal best friend getaway with Leo, but if funds don’t allow, they’re happy to stay home and do homemade facials and stream movies with you.


A silent friend wouldn’t last long with Virgo. They need a bestie capable of keeping up with their sparkling conversation. A tidy bestie can also pair well with clean-loving Virgo unless all the hanging out happens at Virgo’s place. The best buddy will be able to remind them to take some time off rather than working around the clock. In fact, encouraging them to do absolutely nothing but have fun on vacation could give Virgo some balance while having the best time ever with their BFF.


Libra just can’t even with people incapable of seeing the other side of things. They need a bestie with an open or flexible mind, capable of considering other perspectives. Plus, their bubbly personalities need a friend with a sense of humor. Libras probably don’t have just one bestie either. They can easily balance more than one, and they really like being the center of the social universe anyway. If you want to go on a fun trip with a Libra, try anywhere there’s stuff to learn and people-watching to do.


A Scorpio bestie needs to be super trustworthy and understanding to be let into their inner sanctum. Scorpios don’t just put it all on the table and judgment could put you in the frenemy category rather than bestie. Their desire to be understood needs a little more emotional intelligence than your average sun sign. But the best friend for a Scorpio should also be up for big adventures—like jumping out of airplanes or riding the scariest rollercoasters. Scorpio does love a good thrill, so being too chicken to walk through a haunted house won’t get you far in their books. They need an actual ride or die, and if you come out of it shaken, don’t be surprised if they ask you, But did you die?


If you can’t hang with adventure or give Saggy the freedom to do what they need to do, you probably won’t be exchanging BFF bracelets any time soon. Saggy needs a courageous friend who will always be down for adventure but will also be understanding when they need to adventure alone. Nature-hating humans should avoid trying to hang with Sagittarius whose love of nature also means adventuring outdoors.


Caps can really relate to equally driven individuals, but they need a bestie who can remind them to appreciate the journey rather than always gunning for the destination. Caps are true blue loyal friends forever, but if you ever betray their trust, expect to be blacklisted for all time. Vacationing for happy Cappy will involve finding destinations that check off items on their bucket list. It’s a list so you know they definitely have one.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Aquarius found their bestie at a protest, religious event, or political rally. They’re always about making the world a better place, and they need a best friend who can be equally motivated to be better humans. A great friend will help balance their fervor with fun, reminding them that saving the Earth won’t matter if we don’t love the lives we’re living. Adventure with Aquarius will involve the new—new people, new places, and new experiences. They won’t feel like going to the same place every single time they go out, so finding a new restaurant that’s opened or a cool local event they’ve never attended could really make their hearts happy.


Intuitive Pisces can get really lost in the clouds, and they need a bestie who can help bring them down to earth long enough to remind them to eat a vegetable or show up to work on time. A more pragmatic friend can provide balance to spiritual Pisces and help give their lives a little more structure. Of course, the best bestie will share beliefs with Pisces or at least strongly respect their ability to believe as they choose. Vacation with their bestie will look like the most relaxed, sublime, and daydreaming of vacays. They don’t care where as long as they can kick back and do nothing.

We all need the bestie who loves and accepts us for who we are and provides balance for our quirks. Let’s celebrate our BFFs and remember to invest a little time in the relationships that last a lifetime.

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