Picture This: Dating the Sun Signs

While I’m sure there are some Zodiacs you have nightmares about dating, it’s helpful to remember that we each have quirks that could send chills up another person’s spine… and some habits that can incite someone’s rage. Can you picture it? Great, now let’s laugh about it while you watch this hilariously on-point video!

Everyone’s a little crazy in love! And, okay, some Zodiacs might possibly have better natural compatibility than other duos. That being said, it ultimately doesn’t matter what somebody’s Zodiac is. When dating, if you and your partner are willing to accept each other’s weirdness and flaws, you can work towards #RelationshipGoals.

There’s good, bad, and ugly in every relationship, but don’t go assuming your relationships will be as pictured in the video solely based on your and your bebe’s Sun sign. You’ve gotta consider their Rising sign, Moon sign, and Venus, too! I’m kidding. Really, what matters is taking the time to get to know someone before jumping to conclusions, my friend.

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