October 23 to November 21
Polarity: Feminine/Receptive
Quality: Fixed
Element: Water
Symbol: Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix
Keyphrase: I Desire
Ruler: Pluto

Passion. Desire. The intensity of a plutonium explosion. Insightful and intuitive… with a pull toward wanting revenge if you tick them off.

Ah, Scorpio.

The only sign with three symbols, Scorpio is a sign that has powers that are unique. The Scorpion is the lowest side of Scorpio… equipped with a stinger that is ready to use. And trust me, they use it.

Then, there is the Eagle. The amazing and beautiful eagle rises above the nonsense, BUT is still extremely dangerous and swoops in with its massive talons when needed. That is the middle side of Scorpio.

Of course, there is the Phoenix. The highest side of Scorpio, like Pluto, its ruling dwarf planet, is about death and regeneration. Scorpio has the ability to renew themselves and rise from the ashes. The highest side of Scorpio is beautiful to behold. Loyal, growth oriented, sensual, and profound… they understand human nature and sometimes the cycle of life itself in a way that most of us cannot see.

Each Scorpio is usually a mix of the symbols above. So…

Just do not tick one off. Seriously.

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