The One Dating Lesson Each Sign Should Embrace

Sign Dating Lessons
Sign Dating Lessons

We’re all a work in progress. We all have something to learn every day, don’t we? And, what’s more confusing sometimes than love? If the Signs were individual people, what could they better learn about dating? Well, we’re going to give them a little tough love!

Maybe if a Sign features prominently in your chart, you might have some of the same blindspots. So, let’s go!


Pro tip, Aries. Maybe don’t trust every single person you date with all your secrets and the PIN number for your debit card. No one is saying you can be naïve—only, really, we’re all saying it. We keep saying it. But your natural optimism just keeps seeing the good in everyone else. It’s one of the things we love about you, but it might be good to commit to trusting others only when they’ve earned that trust and maybe not giving out second, third, and fourth chances to be people who’ve totally screwed you over.


It couldn’t hurt to focus on quality interactions over spendy experiences. We all know how you love nice restaurants and top shelf drinks, but it might transform your relationships if you commit to focusing more on quality time than money spent. A romantic date night doesn’t have to be an extravagant experience to be romantic, intimate, or memorable. Your love of luxury could be satisfied with a cozy nest of blankets and your main squeeze as you take turns watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite podcasts. Throw in some cheap but yummy tacos, and you don’t have to worry about anyone having to mortgage their soul for the best date night ever.


Love the one you’re with. Your tendency to get distracted could have you thinking the grass is greener elsewhere. It’s not. Learn to water your own grass. I mean, maybe try to practice a little gratitude for your partner and nurture that relationship, if it’s a healthy one. You might also have a tendency to get so hyper-focused on all you have to do that you forget to pay attention to your partner. Commit to tuning in more and taking care of that relationship.


The ultimate dating commitment for Cancers could be to learn to ask rather than assuming. Your mood swings can be epic, caring Cancer, but instead of over-thinking all the things and trying to figure out what someone else is thinking based on what you’re feeling, you may want to get better at clarifying. Seeking clarity could have your relationships running smoothly, but don’t forget to give yourself (and your partner) space, too, for self-care to keep them (and you) from feeling overwhelmed.


One commitment that Leos might find helpful is to learn to give rather than just sitting back to get. And if you took that in a dirty way, that’s not my problem. Seriously, being the one to be pampered and petted may totally be your jam, but don’t forget to focus on your partner for more than the grand romantic gestures you’re so great at pulling off. Every now and then, gifting your undivided attention and showing them your appreciation in quiet ways can help improve your relationships. Use some of your trademark courage to get vulnerable and talk about how you feel. Between the giving and the vulnerability, you just might take your relationship to the next level.


Really absorbing the motto “if you can’t be kind, be quiet” could help a Virgo out where dating, love, and relationships are concerned. Giving your lover the white glove treatment—um, not in the proctologist sort of way—to make sure they stay up to your exacting standards doesn’t exactly feel loving. Maybe dial back the critical comments and find ways of supporting your partner. And maybe learn how to tell them they’re being dumb kindly, if that’s a thing.


Practicing trust and mindfulness in dating could be the commitment you need to make. Seriously, Libra, you can’t make someone stay and love you forever. I mean, clearly they should want to, but being extra jealous and paranoid won’t really help. A little more trust and a little less worry could really improve your dating experiences. Be present in what’s happening, not what you’re afraid might happen at some point in the distant future, loving Libra.


Pro tip to practice in relationships? Stop keeping score. Seriously, Scorpio. It’s not cool to keep a laundry list of grievances to stew over until the next fight. You probably look at it like extra ammo, but we’re talking love, not war. Getting better talking things out immediately rather than keeping it all in until the next meltdown might help, but it couldn’t hurt to pick your battles either.


Ghosting. Quit doing it. When you want out of a relationship, don’t forget to let the other person know before moving on. You can give them the “hey, it’s been fun…” spiel, but definitely say something before you peace out.


Maybe put away your label maker and stop trying to label everything Yours, Mine, and Ours. Caps, try to remember that sharing is caring, and while I don’t think you should be giving out your bank account information, you could loosen up and not count every dime to make sure finances are always 100% equitable. Treat your partner to a night out sometimes, and be open to letting them treat you. Let it flow, and let all that serious, intense, let’s-always-overanalyze-our-love stuff go. Relax, enjoy the relationship, and don’t forget to stop pinching those pennies so hard.


Could be a good time to deal with your commitment issues, Aquarius. Your no-drama-llama vibes make you an awesome partner, as long as no one even hints at longevity. Planning vacation together? That’s too serious! Want to talk about lunch next week? You’re out. Chill with all that and learn that not everyone who wants to hang out with you is trying to tie you down and take your freedom.


Ignoring problems won’t make them up and disappear, dear Pisces. It couldn’t hurt to spend a little time beefing up your conflict resolution skills. Or, you know, acknowledging conflict at all. Like waving little red flags, you may not want to see them, but they won’t go away just because you turned in the other direction or closed your eyes extra tight. Figure out how to deal with them, and watch your relationships get better.

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