What Every Zodiac Sign Wants a Lifetime Supply Of

Lifetime Supply
Lifetime Supply

Every Zodiac Sign wants a lifetime supply of something, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a lifetime supply of chocolate or a lifetime supply of happiness? What if a Zodiac Sign was a person? Let’s talk about what each might wish for if they could have anything — for life.


Patience? Ha! They don’t have any, and they certainly aren’t asking for a lifetime supply of that. Laughter is their drug of choice. A lifetime supply of laughs sounds pretty awesome, and they’ll take it in comedy shows, cheesy sitcoms, or crazy cat videos if that’s what’s on offer. A lifetime of joy sounds about right.


Food. They were going to say tacos, but that might get boring after a while. A lifetime supply of delicious food will appease their foodie hearts.


Time. They’ve got sh*t to do and mortality is really limiting, you know? They’ll take Immortality for 500, Alex.


Love. Forever love isn’t much to ask for, right? Preferably from the same person rather than a string of lovers.


Spa treatments. Clearly. There’s not even another top contender. Massages, facials, body wraps, pedicures, and endless pampering? Now that’s living the dream!


Books. A library that makes the one in Beauty and the Beast look small should be just about the right size for lifelong learning Virgo.


World peace. They were going to limit it to social justice, but then they thought about endangered species and climate change. World peace should cover all of that, right?


Passion. That’s the right answer, right?? Surely, that’s what everyone thought of first. No? Just Scorpio.


Solo adventures. Unlimited cruises, plane tickets, or pretty much any adventure pass will make the Saggy heart happy. Really, a lifetime supply of freedom coupled with adventure is all they really want.


Cash, of course. Think Ebeneezer Scrooge meets Scrooge McDuck, and you’ve got the right idea. Enough to roll in or at the very least to stuff a mattress with so they can dream of their goals atop a fresh stash of cash.


Equality. They were going to go with a lifetime supply of yoga gear, but they’re willing to sacrifice that for equality instead. Because none of us can be free and empowered when one of us is still oppressed. Power to the people and all that. A lifetime supply of equality sounds pretty awesome—provided everyone has access to it.


All the booze. Ha! Well, it wouldn’t hurt, but high-vibing Pisces might ask for a lifetime supply of kindness—for themselves and others. Or music. Yes, Pisces would dig a lifetime supply of concert tickets to soothe their souls.

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