April 20 to May 20
Polarity: Feminine/Receptive
Quality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Keyphrase: I Have
Ruler: Venus/Ceres

If you need it done now, don’t ask a Taurus. If you need it done well, then go right ahead. Oh, sure, they are going to take their time getting there (unless you tik them off, then buckle up, because that Bull is going to charge at you with the force and speed of a runaway freight train — just a heads-up), but when they do get there, they create the most marvelous things you’ve ever seen.

Most of us can only wish to have their patience.

Earthy with a love of luxuries, great food, the accumulation of stuff, fuzzy blankets, and (did I mention?) great food, a Taurus seriously understands that beauty is where you find it — and they can make beauty out of anything. I’m pretty sure they could make a kitty litter mud pie look appetizing.

They are passionate and loving, and despite their materialistic stereotype, they can be poor as dirt and still find ways to make you comfy and cozy if you’re one of their favorite people.

Traditionally, Taurus was co-ruled with Libra by Venus — because of the loving, indulgent vibe of Venus. However, a close fit for a ruler may actually be the dwarf planet Ceres (She’s kinda like Pluto, but closer). Ceres rules unconditional and Earthy love, harvest and food (SO Taurean!), self-worth, physical touch, and many other cool Taurus-type stuff.

Watch out for the Taurus stubborn side. They sometimes say things they wish they could take back when digging in their heels over something. Don’t even try to manipulate or move that mountain, because Taurus will call you out on your nonsense and dig in even deeper. They respond to love, not force.

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