Zodiac Signs as Dog Breeds

Zodiac Signs as Dog Breeds
Zodiac Signs as Dog Breeds

Borkin yeah! Doggos rulez the worlds, even as Zodiacs. Okay, enough doggo speak. Have you ever wondered what kind of dog you are based on your Sign? Well, look no further than at what doggo matches your Sun sign, Friend!

(P.S. I lied. There will be much doggo speak to come.)


The Ram is much like a Doberman Pinscher. They’re fearless, often on high alert, and they do a good protecc for their hoomans!


You might think the Bull would be a BullDog, but then you’d be WRONG. Taurus is totes a Pug, because they’re loyal, too adorable not to love, and they’re heckin willful (aka stubborn). PS: luvs treats.


The Twins is a Pembroke Welsh corgi, also known simply as “corgi.” These puppers are smart and eager to learn, but they’re also affectionate without being too needy, much like Gemini, who has an intellectual side and a loving, emotional side.


The caring Crab is a Collie, of course. They thrive on companionship and their hearts are bursting with love. Of course, they sometimes go too far and try to herd (cross boundaries with) their loved ones. Flip heck! They’re doing their bestest.


The Lion is a Poodle, a breed that’s proud, smart, and undoubtedly royalty. Not to mention, they can be very high maintenance (but don’t tell them I said that!).


The Virgin is a Pomeranian, through and through. They tend to be sociable on a superficial level, ‘cause they really only like certain types of people. Not to mention, they’re kinda bossy. On a deeper level, they’re loyal to a fault and will go the extra mile for the ones they love.


The Scales is the show stopping Maltese, ye ole doggo of Malta! They’re charming, lovable, and playful. Not only do they appear elegant and balanced, Maltese were basically born to be adored and pampered, just like the Scales.


Scorpio is a German Shepherd. While they might look terrifying and maybe definitely could rip out your throat, they’re actually intelligent, loyal, and ready for a cuddlin’! They normally don’t mean to do you a frighten.


The adventurous Archer is most like the Dalmatian. They tend to enjoy being on the move and can be quite outgoing, if not a bit silly. Not to mention, their arch nemesis is Cruella de Vil. Wait, no. That’s not real…


The Goat is a Border Collie. This woofer is intelligent, a total workaholic, and has an intense gaze. Have you seen Cap’s stink eye? Fierce!


The Water Bearer is a Labrador Retriever. Y’know, because they’re friendly, energetic, and a little on the weird side. A-rooo!


The Fishes is much like the gentle giant Rottweiler. They’re intuitive, loving, and loyal. On top of that, they’re watchers. Observation skills are on point! If there’s trouble, they do a big warn! BORK.

There are so many doggos, puppers, and woofers that it’s heckin hard to figure out exactly what type of canine each Zodiac is. If you’re not groovy with these options, don’t give up. Your spirit doggo is out there! Keep on sniffin’ for it.

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