Is Astrology Just Utter Bunk?


Is Astrology Just Utter Bunk?


But, hang with me here. I’ve got some explaining to do. Don’t throw the dog out with the hairy, peed-in bath water quite yet.

Because, frankly, that’s what Astrology has evolved to be over time… the cloudy, smelly mess that you bathed your dog in.

The Skinny on Astrologers

The truth is that Astrologers fight like cats and dogs over everything from house systems to the true ruler of Taurus or what kind of Astrology has merit. That’s mostly due to three things (aside from the large ego and self-importance syndromes that many Astrologers suffer from — and that’s a whole other conversation):

  • Misguided, antiquated beliefs over what Astrology is and how it works.
  • Multiple, completely unnecessary Astrological philosophies and systems, some also antiquated and not in line with what we know about science.
  • Anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves astrologers, even if they have read one book about it (a serious problem on social media).

There’s Vedic astrology, Tropical, Sidereal, Mundane, Event, Psychological, Horary, Medical, Electional, Astrocartography, Synoptical, and who knows how many others.

House systems are chart systems that astrologers use, and a natal chart may look completely different and have immense sign and house placement differences based on which House system the astrologer likes and uses. So, your natal chart, which is supposed to give you insight, might vary quite a bit from astrologer to astrologer.

No wonder science laughs at astrology!

So, we also have predators, too. People who are calling themselves astrologers, promising to tell your future or predict some nonsense, who prey on people who are hurting.

On the flip side, there are some who run popular social groups on Facebook who are “teaching” astrology as group admins, while they are simply copying and pasting from the one book they read on the subject… not only doing a disservice to the people who are desperate to learn, but further propagating bad information to new learners — not to mention plagiarizing and probably violating a big boatload of copyright laws.

There are indeed good, talented astrologers who know their stuff. Those people probably won’t send you a private message for a reading the way some dudes send unsolicited pics or post “free readings today!” in a group, though. Good ones are out there… but in most cases, you’ll have to go looking for them.

So, when it comes to getting a reading or learning, simply beware of the crackpots.

Common Misconceptions about Astrology

One of the things that makes Astrology crap, not to mention laughed at by science-y people, is this notion that is still pushed on new learners that the planets can control or influence you.

Or events.

Or anything.

People say things like, “The Moon controls the tides. We’re made of water. So, the Moon controls us.”


Now, that almost sounds like it makes sense, doesn’t it? Gravity makes us do stuff? Control us? Influences us like the ocean tides? But is actually bunk, it has been shown to be false over and over… and yet some astrologers and students fall for that logical fallacy over and over and over again.

Does the Moon influence or control a pool? A pond?


But — they have way larger volume of water in them than you do! Gravity from the Moon can move water in the ocean because the ocean is massive.

Gravity from Pluto or Saturn isn’t ever going to impact your relatively little body in a meaningful way. Certainly not in a way that is going to make you learn a hard lesson or grow as a person.

Mars isn’t going to start a war. People do that.

There’s no magical, mystical, unseen force, either. Nope. No control. No influence. Not even a little.

What there is… is consciousness.

The Role of Consciousness in Astrology

For astrology to work, first you need consciousness.

Think about this for a moment.

So, is astrology simply a psychological projection?

Maybe… but maybe not. I don’t think it is that simple. While consciousness clearly creates astrology, I’m not sure it is one sided. There has been some minor evidence showing that consciousness isn’t limited to people and animals. Actually, the philosophy of panpsychism or a proto-consciousness field in the Universe is getting some attention, even in respected science circles.

Which, when applied to astrology, would lead to the logic that the planets don’t make anything happen, but we can view them as a map, a reflection, of life cycles. A connected, living Universe.

What is Astrology Good For?

Astrologers cannot truly give you an actual, exact fortune or solid prediction. We have free will to use these cycles however we wish. The interpretation of what the planets are doing at any given moment are also only as good as the astrologer… which lends to a great deal of variability. There are still so many things we don’t know and bodies in our solar system that we may have yet to discover.

You are a conscious being with free will. Astrology can help you understand yourself and other people more deeply, and help you make fantastic decisions with that insight that lead to a happier, healthier, higher vibe life.

You can use it to explore yourself, your relationships, the deepest corners of you unconscious mind, release your talents and personal power, become more intuitive and in touch with the collective consciousness and its archetypes, find your purpose, and evolve spiritually. It is an amazing psychological tool of self discovery.

Say it with me: But as long as people cling to the outdated, ancient idea that there is a force or influence at work and that they can use it to predict outcomes with amazing accuracy, astrology will be questionable.

And that, my friend, is NOT bunk.

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