Cancers: Empaths or Just Emotional Black Holes?


Sensitive, sympathetic, kind… Yup, Cancer the Crab are Mom friends, through and through! But that’s only when their tapping into their higher vibes. When Cancers go low, they go so very low. Are Cancers empaths or just emotional black holes? The answer is:


Cancer Basics

Cancer the Crab is a Water Sign ruled by the Moon, which means people born under this sign tend to be super in touch with emotions. Heck, their catchphrase is “I Feel”! Crab people tend to be very kind and sympathetic towards others. They’re also very loyal. When you make friends with a Cancer, you have a friend for life – not just any friend, though. A Mom Friend.

Cancer the Empath

At their highest vibes, Cancers are the Best Mom Friends (even the guys!). Their superpowers for emotional intelligence become heightened and they turn into scarily accurate empaths. Need a shoulder to cry on? Cancer will be there. Need advice on some rough sh*t going on in your life? Cancer is a guru of great advice. Need food? Cancer will bring it. Heck, they probably have coupons to Applebee’s.

Cancers also seem to manifest a sixth sense about those they’re closest to. If you’re feeling down, Cancers can pick up on it before most anyone else. It’s almost creepy, actually. It’s also endearing and a true comfort. Cancers care so deeply and they’d go a thousand miles for you. That’s just how it be.

But, boundaries? What are those? You see, Crabs aren’t the best at “dialing it back.” They can become super smothering and just constantly there. All. The. Time. Essentially, they transform into emotional black holes.

Cancer the Black Hole

When Cancers fall to their lowest vibes, they become Pac-Man vacuuming up Ghosts – and you’re the Ghosts. Crabs become so determined to help and nurture you that they lose sight of the importance of boundaries.

Like, you be shampooing your hair in the shower and suddenly someone starts scrubbing your back. Oh, it’s just your friendly neighborhood Cancer — Crab!? How did you even get in here?!

And it gets worse. They’re overbearing presence can become emotionally draining. It’s like Cancers manifest into actual emotional black holes. And then you’re left feeling exhausted and you start considering stabbing your Crab pal. You become grumpy and snap at them and then their feelings get hurt.

So, the Crab will hide away for a while. But then they come back, because they love you and their loyalty won’t be broken over a few harsh words. So the cycle starts all over again.

In Conclusion…

Now, this isn’t to dissuade you from befriending a Cancer. If anything, Cancers can truly enrich their friend’s lives. Mom Friends make great friends. The important thing is to gently set firm boundaries with your Crab. Like, “Don’t pop in when I’m showering.” That way they know where you draw the line, and you don’t have to worry about snapping at them and hurting their feelings.

Friendship requires work from both parties, and a friendship with Cancer is no different. Work with them to find a good balance. You can help them stay the Mom Friend rather than turning into the Emotional Black Hole. Be the good friend that these precious Cancers deserve!

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