February 19 to March 20
Polarity: Feminine/Assertive
Quality: Mutable
Element: Water
Symbol: The Fishes
Keyphrase: I Believe
Ruler: Neptune

Two fishes, swimming in a formation like a Yin Yang, symbolize Pisces.

Pisces may always feel conflicted and troubled on their lowest end. Some even say they spend a little too much time drinking or doing drugs to escape a world that isn’t quite right for them.

Especially intuitive and empathic, with Neptune as their ruler, it can be really, really hard for a Pisces to be around people and not feel like they are losing themselves.

At their highest vibe, though, they may be able to merge the Yin and Yang and become very enlightened.

They are really, really emotional. Deep as the ocean and all that.

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