SpongeBob Characters as Zodiac Signs

While you might expect that each character in Spongebob represents a particular Zodiac, this brilliant video shows how Spongebob and friends manage to characterize several different signs at once. Don’t we all, though? After all, we’ve each got a little bit of every sign in our natal chart. Without further ado, laugh along with the video we found for you above…

In conclusion, Aquarians are optimistic, Virgos clapback hard with passive aggression, Caps love their money, and the trio of Sag, Aries, and Libra are always ready to partayyy. Not to mention, Leos and Scorpios aren’t as confident as they might appear, Taureans would eat Krabby Patties at 3AM if they could, Cancers knit sweaters with their tears, Gemini sees misery and annoyance everywhere, and Pisces… well, the Fishes get REALLY into writing essays. Sounds about right!

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