What The Heck Are Zodiac Signs, Anyway?


“Hey, Baby? What’s your sign?”

You’ve heard it. You probably know “your sign”… but do you know what that even means?

Let’s Start There.

It is all over the news that interest in astrology is surging. The number of people in Astrology groups on social media is growing, with most people being new and thirsty as can be to learn more. Heck, groups that focus just on hating Geminis number greater than the line at CiCi’s Pizza at lunch these days.

When someone talks about their sign, they mean their Sun Sign. That is very simply the place that the Sun was at the time you were born. The Sun is pretty important in astrology, because it represents the psychological ego — and the sign it is in represents the archetype expressed through the ego.

That’s why we use it for horoscopes. The ego is your sense of “I am” from a psych standpoint, and that is a pretty big part of who we are, isn’t it?

But it isn’t all we are.

You Have All Signs in Your Astrological Makeup

Yes, you heard me right. Somewhere in your personal astrological chart, when cast for the day you were born, is each and every sign. We all experience all of the archetypes that are in the collective consciousness in the human experience, whether through ourselves or when we project them onto other people.

So, all those people in those Gemini hater groups? The joke is on them, because they have Gemini (or whatever other Sign they profess to hate) somewhere, too. It is simply the part of themselves they don’t like… and when people say they despise a Sign, they are advertising what part of themselves they aren’t accepting. This is why astrology is such a cool psychological tool. It points us right where we need to do work for self love and acceptance.

So — Yes, I’m Going to Tell You What Signs ARE.

Signs are simply twelve 30 degree sections of sky that surround the Earth, making up a 360 degree circle. They are based on constellations, but in modern Western Tropical Astrology, they do not exactly coincide with the stars. They determined by the Earth’s Tilt and where the Sun is during the Equinoxes and Solstices. All 12 together are called the Zodiac.

The planets pass through these signs, just like the Sun does, and the signs describe things about how each planet’s vibe is expressed in either our natal own placements determined at birth or for the day in general.

That’s it. They are sections of sky, from our perspective here on Earth. Each has its own meaning and archetype that add color and understanding to each planet, body or luminary that passes through them.

It Really Is That Simple…

Now, mind you, you could spend your life learning Astrology and still learn something new. It is a huge area of study that is a lifelong experience — but it can lead to some real insight into yourself, the human experience, and existence itself. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

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