The Number of Lives You’ve Lived Based on Your Birthday

Are you certain that you’ve had past lives? Wouldn’t it be interesting to figure out just how many, assuming you don’t remember them already?

You’re going to need to know your birthday, and you might want to grab a pen and paper to record your answers. Are you ready? Let’s dive into this video we found for you online!

Wow. How many lives have you lived? Did your lifestyle archetype perfectly describe you?

Perhaps it didn’t, and you’re busy checking your math. That’s okay. Or maybe you don’t buy into past lives–that’s okay, too. Here are some tips for living an intentional life right now, no past life required.

Think of one thing you’re grateful for every single day.
Stop living in the past or future and embrace the present moment.
Be a kind human, and mind your business.
Wash your hands.
Say please and thank you.
Cheer people on rather than seeing them as competition.
Embrace random acts of kindness.
Do something nice and don’t tell anyone!
Complain less; appreciate more.
Remember that the goal is progress, not perfection.

Have an amazing life!

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