Zodiac Signs as Shrek Characters

You’re probably familiar with Shrek — unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years. In that case, let me catch you up. You’ll have to cover politics, current events, and technology on your own (there’s not enough time, patience, or essential oils in the world to go into that), but I can give you the super speedy plot points of Shrek.

A grumpy ogre sets off on an adventure to rescue a princess in order to save his home, but she’s hiding a secret and isn’t exactly your typical damsel in distress. Add in some humor, a donkey, a dragon, two unusual love stories, short jokes, lessons about onions, a very unfortunate Gingerbread Man, a swamp (again, nothing to do with current politics), and some jokes that are more for an adult than child audience, and you’ve got Shrek, a movie beloved by a whole generation. That pretty much covers it. Well, almost. Then, there were a few sequels — because when doesn’t Hollywood do that?

In this video that we found for you online, you’ll see movie moments broken down into their Zodiac counterparts. The result is hilarious — and shockingly relatable. After all, what is better than mixing Shrek with astrological archetypes in a Youtube video? Don’t take my word for it. If you see this video that we found for you online, there’s not a trace of doubt in my mind that you’ll be a believer.

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