Why Did the Zodiac Sign Cross the Road?


Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the idiot’s house!

What, nothing? Okay, let’s try a different joke…

Me: Knock, Knock!
You: Who’s there?
Me: The chicken!

Ha! Got ‘em, boizzz!

Well, as funny as chicken jokes are, wouldn’t it be fun to figure out why each Astrological Sign crossed the road? That’s a rhetorical question. Obviously I think it’s gonna be hilarious.

Jokes Are An Unmatched Astrology Teaching Tool

20 years ago, our house astrologer here at Astrovibe used the signs crossing the road jokes as a way to teach students the Sign archetypes… and thus this list was born for everyone to enjoy (or not… if you don’t have a sense of humor!). So, if you’re learning, this may help you get a deeper relationship with the Signs… the Astrovibe way!

Why Did Aries Cross the Road?

1. Because somebody told them they couldn’t.
2. To start a fight on the other side.
3. Because they wanted to be the first to cross it.

Why Did Taurus Cross the Road?

1. Taco Truck. Enough said.
2. Because there was a garage sale full of FREE STUFF!
3. Because they wanted to and nobody could talk them out of it.

Why Did Gemini Cross the Road?

1. Because the grass looked greener on the other side.
2. Because they were tired of waiting.
3. They didn’t. They were going to, but then they changed their mind.

Why Did Cancer Cross the Road?

1. Because a kid lost their balloon so Cancer had to buy them a newer, better balloon.
2. Because someone on the other side looked like they needed a hug.
3. Because they were feeling crabby.

Why Did Leo Cross the Road?

1. Because the peasants were waiting for Leo’s guidance.
2. To lead the revolution. Viva la resistance!
3. To show off their damn fine strut.

Why Did Virgo Cross the Road?

1. To teach the townspeople how to clean up their own dang mess.
2. To get out of talking about their emotions.
3. To tell the construction workers they’re doing their jobs all wrong.

Why Did Libra Cross the Road?

1. Because they’ve spent too long on this side of the road.
2. To help some road ragers debate peacefully amongst themselves.
3. To avoid conflict.

Why Did Scorpio Cross the Road?

1. Because someone insulted their mother and now that person is gonna die.
2. Because there were too many fake people on this side.
3. To get a little Something-Something.

Why Did Sagittarius Cross the Road?

1. To chase new adventures.
2. To avoid intimacy.
3. To vomit optimism on someone’s face.

Why Did Capricorn Cross the Road?

1. To get to the business deal on the other side.
2. Because they thought it would elevate their social status.
3. Because someone started talking about feelings and Cap was OUT OF THERE.

Why Did Aquarius Cross the Road?

1. Because strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet and there were plenty of strangers on the other side.
2. To get to the science fair on the other side.
3. Because someone over there said the Earth was flat, so Aquarius is gonna whoop their ass with knowledge.

Why Did Pisces Cross the Road?

1. To get to the Area 51 Raid Meeting on the other side.
2. To make contact with the Other Side.
3. Because their friend texted them at 2:00 AM and needed a shoulder to cry on.

See? Insulting the signs is hilarious! It’s also kinda enlightening and educational. So, what’s your sign? Would you cross the road for any of these reasons?

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