5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Tick Off a Scorpio


Scorpios are probably the most emotionally powerful of all the Signs, which is pretty much all you need to know for why you shouldn’t incite a Scorpion’s rage. If that’s not enough of a rationale, here are 5 very convincing reasons why you shouldn’t tick off a Scorpio.


1. Will Stab You as a Warning

Some Signs will warn you before they stab you. Scorpios? Not one of those Signs. They will literally stab you AS a warning (usually just verbally… but still!). Be wary of what you say and do around a brooding Scorpio, or else you’ll probably get shanked before you even know what happened. If it seems like your Scorpio is in a bad mood, tread lightly. Tread VERY lightly.

2. Knows How to Hide the Body

Scorpios hardly ever make the lists of serial killers by sign (Ya know, other than Charlie Manson), but it could be they are simply smart enough to not get caught. Now, I’m not saying a Scorpio will kill you for stepping on their toes, but if you mess with the people they care about… Well, just know that no one will ever find your body. You’ll be a cold case collecting dust in the archives for the rest of eternity.

3. Scorpion Stings Hurt Like a Fother Mucker

If you’ve ever enraged a Scorpio, intentionally or not, you know that their sting can hurt like crazy. Seriously, good luck recovering from that. It’s worse than getting stabbed with a dull knife because after the initial sting, the poison begins to set in. The pain a Scorpio inflicts can be a thousand times worse than the initial offense. Payback’s a female doggo and she just had puppies!

4. Can Destroy You in 3 Seconds

Scorpios can destroy you in 3 seconds, and I’m not talking about murdering you physically. Their quick wit and sarcasm can tear you down before you even blink. Insult a Scorpio and you’ll find yourself being hung out to dry like yesterday’s laundry with a new streak of poo across your face for the world to see. Scorpios ain’t afraid to drag out your skeletons and show them to everyone and their uncle if they think you deserve it.

5. You Won’t Know What Hit You

Perhaps the scariest thing about Scorpios is that when they really get down and dirty, you won’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late. After all, Scorpios at their lowest vibes can be absolutely vindictive, manipulative, and sneakier than Swiper the Fox. Beware the insidious nature of a ticked off Scorpio, my friend.

All in all, Scorpios aren’t bad people and they don’t usually go out looking to get angry. In fact, the highest vibe of Scorpio is transformative, loyal, generous, and deeply passionate. They can show amazing resiliency and bounce back like no other sign. Powerful, intense, and able to reinvent themselves over and over — well, the higher side of the Scorpio archetype is symbolized by the Phoenix for good reason. It is probably the most powerful Sign of the Zodiac. Just don’t screw them over, because you will feel their squirrelly wrath!

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