The Moon, Venus, and YOUR Relationships

Forget sun signs (just for a minute anyway). Let’s talk moon signs and where Venus appears in your birth chart. If you want to know who you’re most compatible with, you might want to look to the Moon and Venus for more in-depth information.

Seriously, check out this video that we found for you online, and also some of the other articles here on Astrovibe that go more in depth on this. Learn how your love language is revealed through your Venus placement in your chart. Also, check out how your Moon sign can reveal your emotions, sense of safety, and even comforts in relationships. 

Let’s be honest: you aren’t likely to meet someone and know automatically what their Moon sign is and where they’ve got Venus in their charts. However, if you know the time and location of your birth, you can get a natal chart and see what it reveals about you. By learning about yourself, you’re going to be better equipped to communicate your needs and feelings in relationships. 

Where Can We Find Out Our Other Placements?

There are plenty of free places and apps online to run a natal chart so that you will know for sure. All you will need is birth date, time and place. One of our favorites is also one of the oldest online chart services at Astrodienst. They have been around and a leader in the astrological community since the 1990s, and they really know what they are doing. That’s important, because not all apps or charts, or even astrologers, are of the same quality.

You deserve that quality, because you are on a journey that starts here… and it is an amazing trip into your own heart and psyche.

Know thyself, right? It’s really important. It’s up there with loving yourself in terms of healthy relationship essentials. 

Reading your sun sign daily horoscope or even checking your rising sign can certainly help you determine compatibility. However, if you want to dive deeper and reach your true soulmate potential, find out about Venus and your moon sign. That just might be the key to learning more about YOU.

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