The Zodiac Signs as Parents

Everyone thinks they know what kind of parent they’ll be … before they actually have kids. But what if you could predict your parenting style by your sun sign? Would you find yourself to be the hot mess parent slouched in the back of the PTA desperately hoping you aren’t volun-told to participate in a fundraiser, or would you be that Pinterest-perfect parent with your hand raised sky high in hopes of being the one to plan class parties, chaperone field trips, and generally make everyone else look bad?

Mm hm. You can probably guess (if you don’t know already). Hey, even if you don’t want kids, it can be pretty funny to check out your “parenting” style for your fur babies or pet rock. If nothing else, you’ll see someone else you know reflected here in this video we found for you online. Plus, it’s all told through TV parents, so see what sign matches up with your favorite sitcom.

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