Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You Based on Your Sun Sign?

Which LOTR Character Are You Based On Your Sign
Which LOTR Character Are You Based On Your Sign

Which character from The Lord of the Rings is your favorite? The wise wizard, Gandalf? Legolas? The Ring-bearer himself, Frodo Baggins?

Below, we’re pairing some of these admirable hobbits and company with the sign that suits them best. Check it out and find out which character matches your astrological sign!

Aries – Gimli

Gimli is one fiery dwarf. Passionate, impulsive and loud, this dude is full of Aries energy. He’s also up for pretty much everything — except cross-country. True to Aries form, Gimli’s a natural sprinter!

Taurus – Peregrin Took

Pippin just wants his second breakfast, okay? His stubborn curiosity and need to touch everything gets him in trouble, but there’s always a side effect to his actions that benefits his friends in the end. While not a fighter by nature, he is dependable and willing to take up arms when it comes right down to it. All these things are what make this “Fool of a Took” the true Taurus of the Fellowship.

Gemini – Boromir

The amount of shade Boromir gets online should be your first clue that he’s a Gemini. Boromir is of two minds — while he truly wants to do the right thing, he allows his desire for power and the Ring to corrupt him. He is torn between serving the Fellowship and serving Gondor. In the end, he turns it all around and fights bravely to his death.

Cancer – Samwise Gamgee

Let’s be real — Sam is the “Mom” friend in his relationship with Frodo, and that’s a total Cancer giveaway. He’s fiercely loyal and loving, and when push comes to shove, he’ll do anything to protect his friend. Best gardener ever, am I right?

Leo – Theoden King

For the most part, Theoden just wants what’s best for his people. But he also seems to get off on a bit of dramatic flair and has a tendency to let pride get in the way of his better judgment. Theoden King would rather have a glorious death than a dull life, and I think that says it all.

Virgo – Eowyn

Yes, Eowyn goes a little goo goo eyes for Aragorn — but who wouldn’t? At the end of the day, Eowyn is a practical, level-headed Virgo who seeks more out of life than society would dictate to her. It’s no wonder Theoden gave her the critical task of caring for his people after his death.

Libra – Meriadoc Brandybuck

Merry may be pretty quick to go to war, but that’s only because he seeks justice and equality for all. He enjoys the finer things in life, and he’ll do anything to protect them. After helping to save the world, he’s more than glad to return home and enjoy “a few well-earned comforts,” as his dear cousin Pippin would say.

Scorpio – Aragorn

I think it’s safe to say that Aragorn is a force of nature. He’s brilliant, a little bit tormented and has a smidge of a dark side. He even walked about with a secret identity as Strider the Ranger for a while. While he can be intensely loyal, affectionate and caring, he can also be the most savage person you’ll ever meet if you mess with his friends.

Sagittarius – Legolas

Legolas has multiple Sagittarius traits, including his connection to nature and great regard for deep wisdom and awareness. This majestic elf is energetic and adventurous — a true lover of the journey. As an added bonus, he’s a master archer!

Capricorn – Elrond

No one else knows when it’s time to be serious quite like Elrond. Like a Capricorn, he enjoys being in charge and offering his advice, whether the receiving party wants it or not. He may not have much faith in the human race, but when he puts his all into something, he sticks with it.

Aquarius – Gandalf

Gandalf is filled with unconventional wisdom. As a powerful guardian of Middle Earth, there’s something almost Godly and ethereal about him. But what’s truly telling about his placing in Aquarius is his overall detachment from the places and people in his life. Here one moment but gone the next, Gandalf almost always has some bigger fish to fry.

Pisces – Frodo Baggins

Frodo goes on a trip, both literally and figuratively, when he decides to shoulder the weight of the One Ring. Pisces is the sign of imagination and illusion, which Frodo deals with throughout the course of the trilogy. He probably would have been better off with a strong drink and a soft pillow for napping.

So did your favorite character turn out to be your astrological twin? While this is just a quick, fun read for LoTR lovers, it’s also a great way to think about how some of these awesome individuals might line up with common sign traits if they were people in our world. What other characters do you think would fit in with these sign archetypes?

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