Match Your Sun Sign to Your Disney Villain

If you’ve ever accidentally let out an evil villain laugh or had a bad case of RBF, you know you’ve got a dark side. Don’t we all? It’s like when you dream of growing up to be Cinderella but figure out that your whole mood is really the Wicked Stepmother. You just want to stay in bed with your fur baby, eat breakfast in bed, and have someone else do the laundry, am I right???

It’s not that we ever intended to be the villain, but on challenging days when our vibe is low, we might just identify with some of Disney’s most epic bad guys a little more than their singing, dancing, animal-charming counterparts.

Figuring out which villain best matches our sun sign can be a fun way to own up to our challenges and find the humor in them. Whether we need to cultivate patience, address our stubbornness, work on our impulse control, or manage our anger, we all have a little room to improve. This is the part where we check ourselves before we wreck ourselves—but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the humor and accept that we all have challenges—just like we all have some pretty amazing strengths.

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