ASMR Zodiac Sign Cheat Sheet

Stressed much? Are you in need of a little relaxation? Try ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. In other words, it’s a brain massage that comes from viewing relaxing sights and or listening to soothing sounds like whispers or paper crinkling. ASMR videos make your brain feel good and your body feel relaxed.

The video we found for you from Youtubber Mauve ASMR combines ASMR with the study of astrology. Watch now, and learn the following Zodiac sign information.

You’ll discover…
The difference between sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs in astrology
Whether your sign is a cardinal, fixed, or mutable sign (and what that means)
The element associated with your star sign (and what that means)
The characteristics associated with each celestial sign

There is nothing quite like having some ASMR just playing in the background while you are working. It can help you de-stress while doing stressful stuff. Some people love to have it on to go to sleep at night so that their minds don’t keep them awake.

Soothing. Relaxing. Tingly. Rewarding.

How can it be rewarding? Well, in this case you can learn while you relax or snooze… and it doesn’t even feel like learning! Win win!

Even if you’re an astrology expert, you can still enjoy the sight and sounds of this calming video. Take a break, and give your brain a little extra love with this soothing mental massage.

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