Pew! The Zodiac Signs as Scents

Zodiac scents
Zodiac scents

Ah, the sense of smell! It’s like modern time travel where a simple sniff can bring us right to a moment in the past. And since there’s nothing we love better than hopping on to social media to take a quiz to see what kind of cheese we are or what color best describes our future (that would be Wisconsin aged white cheddar and purple, thank you very much), I thought it would be fun to do a little astrological flexing and cast the Zodiac signs as some of our favorite scents.


If thinking of the Ram makes you think of sweat and stinky socks, you’d be wrong. I mean, sometimes you might be right, but that’s not what Aries is all about. If you were wondering what stubbornness and drive smell like, you’ve come to the right place. Think lemon tarts—a sharp scent with a surprise of sweetness. Throw in a little evergreen, that bold and unmistakable scent of hiking trails and holidays, and don’t forget a little cinnamon for a dash of spice.


Petrichor — a word and a smell that encapsulates Taureans perfectly. It’s the smell of the Earth after the rain. Add in the smell of decadent melting dark chocolate, and you’ve captured the luxuriant fragrance of all that is Taurus.


Go ahead and breathe in that particular Gemini scent. It’s the smell of freshly ground espresso served dark and strong for a day of multitasking, the minty scent of toothpaste on a big smile that could be genuine or hiding a wealth of information, and the unique and yet complicated smell of orchids. Gemini’s twinergy is many things — equal parts dark and light but strong and refreshing.


The Crab is clearly redolent of big, open cabbage roses in Spring, vines of sweetly scented honeysuckle, and fresh-baked hot chocolate chip cookies just pulled from the oven. That scent of wild and sweet encapsulates childhood and a mother’s hugs and perfectly brings to mind Cancer’s nurturing persona.


Leo, the Lion, is bold and filled with courage and romance and strength. Think wafting romantic and steadfast vanilla notes over luscious and ripe mangoes with an underlying hint of rich leather.


The Virgin’s scent may automatically call to mind the fresh, clean smell of soap. While that may be one aspect of Virgo, the truest scent is of of fresh-washed linen, hung on a line under the hot sun to dry, and the bold earthy smell of patchouli. Earthy, reliable, and tidy, Virgo’s scent evokes comfort and an underlying complexity.


The Scales love of romance makes its scent easy to determine: the gorgeous smell of lavender for peace and balance, orange blossoms to evoke the feelings of forever love, and freesia for their sweet notes and bright presence. If that doesn’t scream Libra to you, you aren’t paying attention.


The ocean: deep, crisp and, yes, salty. Breathe in the ions in the air with the waves crashing against the shore. Scorpio can be as watery as the stillness of the depths, or the currents near the coral reefs… but mix it in with the sensual scent of tanning oil at the beach and the sweet smell of boardwalk cotton candy to get the perfect Scorpio scent.


Our resident archer’s love of freedom, travel, and optimism comes with the heady scent of coconut from distant and tropical shores, the strong and distinct hint of jasmine, and the smoky scent of campfires so strong you immediately call to mind the dripping chocolate and marshmallow melt of s’mores.


While goats might not be the most fragrant of creatures, our Capricorns scent is as distinctive and strong as they are—and certainly better smelling. Think freshly cut grass on a hot summer’s day, old books, and new money. It suits the ambitious and loyal Cap down to that fresh-cut ground.


It will come as no surprise that our water bearer smells like sea salt, brought in on a fresh ocean wind, and sage, wafting through the corridors to chase away negativity. If you caught a scent of lotus flowers, that would be Aquarius, too, with its tendency toward all things spiritual and introspective.


The Fishes don’t have the fishy odor one might expect from the name. No, Pisces is something else entirely. Think of a billowing cloud of pot smoke, a hint of red wine, and an underlying note of water lilies, and you’ve captured the dreamy and intuitive Pisces energy exactly.

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