Are You a Lion Tamer? Loving a Leo is NOT for the Faint of Heart


If sticking your head into the mouth of a hungry lion just to say you did sounds like your jam, you might be up for dating a Leo. Because it is, sort of, like sticking your head into the mouth of a hungry lion — in the wrong mood, they just might bite your head off. But, hey, you’ll always have the selfie to remember it by.

If you’re questioning your commitment to the idea– or to the actual reality– of a relationship with the boss of the Zodiac, let’s do a little risk analysis. Leos are proud. I mean, they don’t do the humble brag because they are too busy strutting around looking all fierce as can be and telling you about how awesome they are.

Plus, Leos are super high maintenance.

You know in When Harry Met Sally where Sally is giving the most epic-ally complicated order for pie? Well, Sally’s got nothing on Leos. They can be stubborn, demanding, and extravagant, and they really think the world revolves around them — or should at least bow down to their awesomeness. Plus, they hate being ignored, and they can come across as a little judgmental on account of their high expectations.

If that sounds like a whole lot of trouble, let’s talk about why anyone would ever date such a person. Leos are fire signs. Think major passion. They’re not just passionate though. The extravagance that can sometimes break the bank can also be applied to generosity, romance, and creativity. They’re a lot of fun, and they are fiercely loyal to their friends.

Leos can be irresistible.

They’ll come at you with charm, confidence, and a fierce sense of humor. To say they will charm your pants off isn’t inaccurate. They’re also brave to the point of reckless, which makes them up for a challenge or adventure.

Yes, they want to be adored, but who doesn’t? Sure, they’re high maintenance, but they also make powerful partners when they feel loved and appreciated. Of course, they act like they deserve the royal treatment, but this is also means they appreciate a strong partner who can rule by their side. They don’t need a lion tamer; they need a Boss Bae who can either lead with them or compliment their leadership ability.

If you dig romance and like a generous partner (think inside and outside the bedroom), Leos could be a good match. Partnering a Leo sure as heck isn’t for the faint of heart, but if Gryffindor is your designated Hogwarts House or you’re bent on a life of adventure, a Leo could be your person. There’s only one way to know for sure. Try to date one and see if it sends you running or makes you level up your game.

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