Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas by Astrological Sign

Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes

Choosing a Halloween costume is an art. Sure, you can just slap together any old thing that strikes your fancy and manage to have a ball. But choosing a clever Halloween costume can be fun. Let’s choose our costumes based on our signs and see what possibilities are out there if we think a little outside the box.

Aries Halloween Costumes

The god of War could inspire a number of Halloween costumes. Going as a Ninja could work, but a Rocky theme would also be appropriate. Star Wars characters would work well here, bringing in the fantasy element of battle, which could also pull the Lord of the Rings characters into play. If none of that seems aggressive enough, an IRS agent or student loan provider could make an easy, and accurate, costume.

Taurus Halloween Costumes

A bull and bullfighter could draw animal rights activists, so let’s skip the typical and think outside the box. Perhaps the Wolf of Wallstreet comes into play, capturing the ideas of cleverness and aggression in one simple costume. Dressing as any president or world leader could be an apt, if political, twist on Taurus. A cowboy or gangster could work, too, and there’s always Bonnie and Clyde for a timeless couples’ costume. Still, Tacos, avocados, a slice of drippy pizza, well, you can’t go wrong with food costumes.

Gemini Halloween Costumes

If you have a twin or a friend willing to dress alike, this one’s in the bag. But, for most of us, it’ll be a little more complicated than that. Gem’s love of games could have you thinking of Hunger Games costumes. Representing a district and running with it could be a lot of fun and allow a range of creative costume choices. This could even work as a couples’ costume or as a group. Dressing as Survivor contestants could also work — no deodorant required. But if that seems a little too rank for your tastes, there’s always the Monopoly man with his handlebar mustache or Candy Land for something sweeter. Dressing as a favorite athlete could still work here. Going as a gambler could turn up some interesting possibilities. Sticking to a game theme could net a number of costume ideas if going as a twin just won’t work for you.

Cancer Halloween Costumes

Going as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid might be the first thought that crosses your mind. It did mine, too. Which means we’re just not thinking hard enough. Capturing the nurturing power of Cancer could have going as Mother Earth an ideal choice. Or, play on words here, and go as Norman Bates and his mother… or Norman Bates AS his mother. The possibilities here are endless when we think of female archetypes like the mother, the goddess, or the crone.

Leo Halloween Costumes

A lion might be your first guess here, and I guess a Cowardly Lion wouldn’t be a bad choice if a Wizard of Oz theme was in play, but any powerful character could work here. Representing Gryffindor with a Harry Potter character would work well, and it goes with the lion theme. Other powerful costume choices include Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Jessica Jones, or any kickass superhero that tickles your fancy.

Virgo Halloween Costumes

Let’s skip the part where we choose a virgin (because finding one might be a challenge) or the Virgin Queen. Great ideas, but let’s think beyond the name. Going as a messenger would capture the Mercury vibe, or a centaur (or, satyr, even!) would bring forth a serious Chiron energy, and the Earth element could bring nymphs, elves, and fairies to the forefront. The tarot card for Virgo is the hermit, which could be an easy enough costume for introverts everywhere. Going as a stick of deodorant could also get a point across, if you’re willing to go there.

Libra Halloween Costumes

Lady Justice or the Statue of Liberty could easily represent Libras at Halloween, but don’t forget to think a little further outside the box. Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes an easy costume choice if we stick with the theme of justice and judgment. Flipping the script to go as a prisoner or part of a chain gang could be an inspired choice if you don’t mind being shackled together. Hey, everyone has their kinks. No judgment (haha) here.

Scorpio Halloween Costumes

Okay, we can skip right over the Scorpion costume unless you’re talking about the character from Mortal Kombat, which would work. Sure, a spider could work — but so could Spiderman. A phoenix would actually make a powerful option — assuming you could figure out how to pull it off and not set yourself on fire in the process. Tapping into this sign’s mysterious nature opens up even more possibilities. The Addams Family presents entertaining options for individuals, couples, and families alike. Sherlock Holmes and Watson could make a powerful pair, and any supernatural being opens up a world of possibilities from witches to elves to dragons.

Sagittarius Halloween Costumes

Throwing together a costume for a basic bitch is easy: plaid shirt, jeans, boots, and a Starbucks mug paint the picture. Splash on a little pumpkin spice scent and roll out. Add a witch hat to make it a “basic witch” for a little added flair. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games could make a great literary costume here and captures the archer essence as well as arrows used by the Centaur — if being an actual Centaur isn’t your thing. Robin Hood would also work, as would a dragon since it follows the idea of this fire sign.

Capricorn Halloween Costumes

If going as a CEO is a Halloween costume, Capricorns have got this. Dressing for success won’t be a hardship for this ambitious sign. Hollywood film stars throughout the ages could also make an easy choice. Think Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any recognizable film icon. If you thought I was going to suggest a goat, you thought wrong. While there’s nothing wrong with a farm theme if that tickles your pickle, anything that captures the hardworking and goal-oriented Cap will do.

Aquarius Halloween Costumes

If you want to go traditional, you could easily choose Aquaman or The Little Mermaid. A couples’ costume could even have you pairing The Little Mermaid with Prince Eric — or going for a twist and pairing The Little Mermaid and Ursula. A Moana theme works well with Aquarius, too, and give it a good twist by going as Maui with a shark’s head. Or just go as a shark. Sticking to a water bearer-theme is easy enough, but don’t forget that Aquarius, while being the water-bearer, is a quick-witted air sign. Going as Amelia Earhart or Superman would work just as well, and the only limits here will be your imagination.

Pisces Halloween Costumes

An under-the-sea theme would work for Pisces, too. A fish, a mermaid, or a shark would all work, but let’s think a little further outside the box. Pirate costumes could work and can be fun to play up. A couples’ theme could be Rose and Jack; just don’t forget to bring a door and practice all the key lines. Dressing up as a yellow submarine could pay tribute to The Beatles.

Halloween is all about letting our imagination out to play. If we get creative, we can come up with amazing costume ideas that capture our signs, personalities, and interests. We can make it as simple or as complicated as we choose. What’s important is that we have a good time, practice cultural sensitivity in our choices, and let our own special flair shine through!

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