The Zodiac’s Gifted Class

Zodiac Gifted Class
Zodiac Gifted Class

Each sign of the Zodiac possesses special gifts. These gifts help enrich our world and our individual lives when we embrace them. Let’s take a look at the sun signs and what makes each of them super special.


Aries is clearly gifted with initiative, and you likely won’t see one sitting around when there’s work to be done. But Aries true gift is their innate sense of wonder. Even when life is hard and they get knocked down, they’re still willing to see the wonder and magic of the world. They keep believing, even in the face of obstacles. Their self-starting tendencies look amazing on a resume, but that gift of wonder is precious, and it’s what makes an Aries a beautiful person to know.


Taurus has many gifts, and one of their strongest is their commitment to self-love. They don’t tolerate insecurities, and they don’t see any reason to pretend they aren’t fabulous. They’re also gifted with responsibility and patience, a powerful combination that helps them take charge of their lives and pursue their passion with a sense of purpose. While they can at times be stubborn, it can also manifest as determination and help them power through obstacles to reach their goals.


You probably think that the Twin of the Zodiac is gifted with the art of multitasking. It’s true, but more than that, Gems are gifted with the ability to balance and embrace their dark and light side. They see the complexities in life and in themselves, and this ability to accept them both helps them stay centered and gives them discretion when it comes to other people. Their love for adventure is a gift that helps them maintain their zest for life, but the two sides of the Gemini coin helps them keep their perspective.


Cancers are clearly gifted at nurturing. They just want to mother the whole world and make sure everyone gets the best care possible. It’s not just a gift for most Cancers; they probably see it as a calling. While they can be super sensitive and a little overbearing at times, they truly do want whatever is best for you so that you are as happy and healthy as possible.


Leos are gifted with an incredible amount of courage. No cowardly lions here, Leos can be brave in the face of danger and are quick to stand up for others. When a Leo has your back, you know that you aren’t alone and have a fierce friend ready to help you out in an instant.


Virgos are keenly gifted with a love for animals and the earth. This gift makes them a firm friend of mother nature, willing to advocate for cleaner air, oceans, and sanctuaries—just for a start. They also value cleanliness and like to see everything in order. While it’s not always seen as a gift, their ability for restoring order and getting things shipshape can be a lifesaver to their disorganized friends and family.


Libras are certainly gifted with a sense of judgment and discretion. It goes so far beyond simply being a good judge of character. Libras can see both sides of any issue and try to find win-win solutions whenever possible. But Libras true gift is super love. They care so much about others, and while it can sometimes feel like burden, the truth is that it’s an incredible gift to care as much as they do. If they can help you out, they will, and their natural exuberance draws others closely to them.


Scorpios often get a bad rap for being jealous and violent, but they have a lot of gifts that we can appreciate. They’re super honest and value honesty in others, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. When you deal with them honestly, you’ll likely find them a fierce and loyal friend who will take up your passion, causes, and fights as their own. They’re also incredibly passionate, and while that can sometimes mean a bad temper, it also means they can be enthusiastic friends and lovers, giving you their all.


Of the many gifts of Sagittarius, their sense of humor leads the pack. Classic Sag can make you laugh even when you’re not feeling your best. Sure, they may sometimes cross the line and say something offensive, but they really do have great intentions. They’re also generous to a fault, so if you see one going topless, it’s probably because they handed the very shirt off their back to someone in need. Or at least let them use their phone charger for a minute. Between their generosity and their humor, you’ll likely be wiling to let the open-mouth-insert-foot syndrome slide a little.


Caps gifts are clear: they’re incredibly tenacious and determined to achieve their dreams. They won’t stop and won’t quit, and they haven’t met an obstacle they can’t overcome. The tenacity and single-minded pursuit of a goal can make Cap seem super-serious, but the truth is that Caps have grit in spades, and the tenacity they have toward career goals also flows into their love and loyalty, making them strong partners and friends.


Aquarius has some pretty powerful gifts, not the least of which is a heart for humanity. While they can sometimes keep themselves a step or two removed, trust that they want what’s best for you and everyone else. They don’t mind a good fight, if it’s for a good cause, but they’ll be more likely to use their strong persuasive skills rather than their fists to create change. In fact, they won’t take no for an answer, which is a great gift when they’re fighting for what’s right.


Expect Pisces’ gifts to be legion. Chief among them may be artistic expression, but they are also greatly intuitive, able to get straight to the heart of someone’s character from the start. While they can be big old ‘fraidy cats, they’re gentle spirits and tendency to create beauty make them favorable companions in life.

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