Dumbest Zodiac Stereotypes EVER

The Dumbest Zodiac Stereotypes EVER
The Dumbest Zodiac Stereotypes EVER

People can be sooo judgy. While stereotypes come from some amount of truth, they can also be taken too far and misused to make negative assumptions about others. Even the Zodiacs have some weird, rude, and downright dumb stereotypes about them. Well, we’re here to set the record straight.

Aries is Aggressive as Heck

While the Ram has a reputation of never backing down from a fight, that doesn’t mean they’re aGgrEsSiVe. Perhaps they just have strong beliefs they’re willing to stand up for or maybe their buttons get pressed more often than us. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re all aggressive. Let’s be a little less judgy, yeah?

Taurus is a Hoarding Hobgoblin

Does the Bull like stuff? Sure! But who doesn’t?! Some Taureans might have a soft spot for collecting things, but that doesn’t make every Bull a next contestant for TV shows like “Hoarders.” I mean, come on people.

Gemini has Split Personality Disorder

Their sign may be the Twins, but that doesn’t automatically mean they have two different personalities. When it comes down to it, we’ve all got multiple sides of ourselves. It may just be that Gemini is better at playing devil’s advocate and being thoughtful compared to the rest of us. Everyone thinks they’re a psychiatrist, eh?

Cancer has Major Mood Swings

The Crab is emotional and moody? Whatever do you mean? Sure, Cancers are tied to the “I Feel” mantra through their connection to the ruling Moon, but do people have to be so judgy about it? Crabs are humans and are prone to emotions just like the rest of us. So there.

Leo is Self-Involved

The Lion was born to lead with confidence, but that doesn’t mean all Leos are self-involved, arrogant drama queens or kings. In fact, great leadership can mean being selfless. While a low vibing Leo may act selfishly, the more evolved ones are caring, warm, and loving. Self-involved? Puh-lease.

Virgo is a Control Freak

Virgins tend to have a bad reputation. There are plenty of dumb stereotypes floating around about them, including being a control freak. While a stressed Virgo may come across as a control freak to some, the high vibing Virgin is just as chill sitting back and analyzing from a distance as they are with being hands-on. Get it right, mate.

Libra is a Hopelessly Hopeless Romantic

The Scales, ruled by Venus, may be known for having hearts in their eyes at all times, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do ANYTHING for love or that they lose all sense when in relationships. Like, they’re not that hopeless about romance. Honestly. Truth be told, their knack for balance can help keep their lovely heads on straight.

Scorpio is Freaky

Freak in bed, freaky and intense, freakishly ready to shank someone at the drop of a hat… You might think that describes Scorpio, buy then you’d be wrong. Probably. Sure, some Scorpios can be intense about their passions. A few tend to be ready to try all sorts of bedroom activities. Meanwhile, Scorpios aren’t normally aggressive and ready to strike unless they’re low-vibing that day. That’s not ALL Scorpios all the time. Don’t make assumptions, yo!

Sagittarius has Commitment Issues

FREEDOM! While Saggy the Archer has been known for loving freedom, that doesn’t mean all Archers have commitment issues. As Sags mature, they tend to find that freedom comes in more forms than being free from commitments. So, don’t assume they aren’t in it for the long haul.

Capricorn is Greedier Than Scrooge

GOAT. Greatest of all time, the Goat of the Zodiacs has been painted as a greedy mutha time and time again. Some Caps do like to keep track of their money more than other Zodiacs. A few might even truly be greedy with green hearts. Those, however, are few and far between. Don’t go assuming a Cap would sell you to Satan for a pound of gold. That’s just hurtful.

Aquarius is Actually Heartless

While Aquarians may be known for their friendless, rumor has it that they’re secretly heartless and don’t give a rat about their “friends.” First of all, rude. Second of all, Water Bearers may be aloof at times and can get defensive about their ideas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. Give them a break.

Pisces is an Alcoholic Mess

First of all, I swear to drunk I ain’t ociffer. Secondly, while the Fishes may be prone to becoming dependent on substances, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll all become alcohol-dependent messes. Not even a little. As Pisces taps into their higher self, they’re able to face their inner demons without the need for extra “help.” So, like, don’t be a judgy jerk.

Stereotypes can be hilarious if you can laugh at how ridiculous they are. Unfortunately, they can also be hurtful. We might make judgement against people based on their Zodiac signs (or other traits) and that can totally rob us of learning about how amazing that particular person actually is. So, don’t be a judgmental dung bucket. Keep your mind wide open, friend.

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