Never Tell an Aries to Keep Calm and Carry On


I don’t care how heavily it trends, Aries just don’t Keep Calm & Carry On. They have no chill. I mean, none. They simply don’t work that way.

If you’ve ever known an Aries (or are one)

…you know that this particular Zodiac sign is known for impatience, impulsivity, aggression, and general moodiness. Don’t expect them to wait in line without getting huffy or to be particularly calm in traffic. They’re more likely to shout move your ass while making hand gestures to more fully communicate the message.

If you tick off an Aries

…you might want to change your name and relocate—or at least hide until they’ve calmed the heck down. They tend to go from zero to I’ll cut you in the space of a heartbeat, so take care that you don’t cross them on purpose. They’re not the most forgiving of signs in the Zodiac.

Playing a simple board game or a round of Giant Jenga with them will never be that simple — not with their keen sense of competition and tendency to be a sore loser (and sometimes a sore winner, too). They love teamwork, but they’re also ambitious. Basically, they love to win, and they’ll likely challenge you to another round if they lose.

Of course, there’s a flipside to Aries.

They also have courage in spades. They’re confident, honest (sometimes painfully so), enthusiastic, and have a sense of wonder about the world that can be charming (when it’s not downright gullible). Sure, they can come across as aggressive, but they can also be assertive and quick to take the initiative to get things done. They don’t shy away from challenges, and they usually have a pretty awesome work ethic. They make fantastic leaders, at least when they temper their aggression and impatience to focus on teamwork and cooperation.

But Aries don’t just Keep Calm and Carry On

Instead, Aries will take that no-chill never-say-die attitude and power through whatever obstacle is in the way. If the obstacle is you, look out. Otherwise, having an Aries by your side in a challenge is actually a pretty big advantage. Their natural sense of wonder about the world will having them looking for unusual ways to solve a problem. Their bravery will have them facing challenges head-on. The initiative and, yes, aggression can come in handy when you need a fierce friend to help you through a trying time. They will focus on the problem and work it out with as much energy and resourcefulness as they can muster, and if they get impatient along the way, it’s only because they want to reach their goals.

So, don’t ever tell them to Keep Calm and Carry On. They just don’t work that way. But Beach Hair, Don’t Care? Now that’s more like it!

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