Zodiac Signs at the Haunted House

Haunted House
Haunted House

We love ghosts, goblins, and ghouls—and scaring ourselves to death for no reason other than the fact that it’s fun. Let’s take the scariest of the Haunted Houses and see if we can spot some Zodiac signs.


First one in? That’s going to be Aries. Not only do they have no patience for lines, but Aries wants to be front and center when the action happens. Bullheaded but a little gullible, you might want to be right behind them so you can measure how high they jump out of their skin the first time something scary pops around the corner.


Too cool for school Taurus will likely be just behind, offering commentary about the quality while genuinely enjoying seeing their friends freaked out. They may not seem into it, but odds are, they’ll be the first ones back in for a second round of scaring themselves silly.


Geminis are the most likely to be the plant in any terrifying Haunted House. They may look like a harmless spectator, but they might be in on the whole thing, leading you right into the scariest part of the house while you’re totally unsuspecting. Don’t be surprised if they disappear on you either and then show up later to scare the pants off you.


Cancers are easy to spot. Even if they’re scared, they’ll still hold your hand and try to make you feel better when the scary things are jumping out from every direction. They’ll schedule time later to completely freak out, but they’ll put you first and step in front of you in a hot minute to make sure they take the next scare on your behalf.


If you see the ones who are all bravado, you’ve found Leos. They’ll try to be first in, if they can get in front of Aries. They’ll happily lead the way, reminding you that they aren’t scared of anything. Expect them to gallantly come to your rescue if you entirely lose your spit mid-haunted house and just can’t cope. They might sweep you off your feet and head toward the nearest exit, or handhold you through the rest of it.


Most likely to read the reviews before going in? Well, that’s definitely Virgo. They expect a well-planned and well-executed Haunted House with semi-professional actors, great makeup, and regular surprises. Their standards might be high, but they just want to get the most bang for their buck. If you can’t scare them, they might be the first to leave a bad review, but they might stop to give you a few pointers while they’re at it.


Clinging to their plus-one during the scary parts and making new best friends otherwise, Libras are easy to spot at any haunted house. You can usually find them in a group, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the axe-wielding psycho or scary vampire pauses in their work to accept a quick friend request before going back to terrorize the others.


Most likely to punch out a haunted house actor and end up spending the night in jail? Could be Scorpio. But they’re just as likely to try to get it on somewhere in a secluded dark corner. If they aren’t getting busy or throat punching the actors, you might find they’ve already breezed through the house and are impatiently waiting for you to get on with it so they can go Netflix and chill in their own space.


Want to find Sagittarius? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’re the ones who signed everyone up. They’re likely to be coaxing the more reluctant members of the group through the haunted house, promising an epic adventure and then posting all the pics up on social media of everyone’s reactions. Don’t be surprised if they take you to the scariest house around. They thrive on adventure.


The ones looking unimpressed might be your local Capricorns. On the one hand, they like to cut loose as much as the next person, but on the other, they might view a night at a haunted house as a big waste of time. Want to really scare them? Tell them they aren’t getting that promotion they’ve worked their butts off for. Otherwise, the undead and a chainsaw wielding killer aren’t likely to do more than get a raised eyebrow out of high standard and ambitious Cap.


Aquarius might be voted most likely to be telling urban legends or actual true ghost stories at the haunted house. They may even have theories on the undead or give you the skinny on mummification. Well-informed and most likely to believe in all the spooky stories, they’ll be front and center to participate and educate until they make you a believer.


If you want to find Pisces, find the most flawlessly executed makeup in the haunted house crew. Either it’s Pisces wearing it or Pisces did it. As far as haunted house goers go, you can find Pisces slipping in and out of the haunted house as quickly as possible, likely keeping to corners and feeling just a little too much for their comfort. Don’t be surprised if Pisces takes a hard pass the next time you want to go scare yourself for fun.

Haunted Houses can be a fun way to spend an evening—although this year we might all be wearing masks for it. Still, it can be pretty easy to spot some sun signs if you’re paying attention.

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