How to Keep a Gemini from Getting Bored

Gemini Getting Bored
Gemini Getting Bored

Ah, Gemini. You have to love them, right? Because of their mutable nature, it’s challenging to hold a Gemini’s attention for long. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — their intellect is just so massive that they have about a million thoughts flitting around in their minds at once. They want to learn everything and see everything. They’re like sponges when it comes to absorbing information, but they don’t always know what to do when they have it.

This means that entertaining a Gemini for more than three seconds is a bit like trying to entertain a four-year-old at the dentist’s office. But it’s possible to keep them from getting bored (at least for a little while) with these simple tips.

Switch Things Up

Because of their mutable nature and their love of learning, Geminis don’t stick with much of anything for too long. Basically, if they’re into playing sports this month, you can bet they’ll decide they want to switch to crochet or charcoal drawing the next.

The last thing you want to do with your Gemini friend or significant other is suggest the same hangout routine multiple times in a row. These people love new activities and trying on different hats — but only if it’s something that stimulates their intellect and creativity. Thanks to their adaptability, they’ll love you even more for taking the lead and keeping things fresh!

Take Them Out Among People

Gemini is a social creature. Without enough sunlight and people interaction, they go crazy pretty fast. So how do you fix that? By bringing them out to regular social events, of course!

To be fair, I can’t guarantee you won’t get ditched if you bring your Gemini to a party. It’s not intentional — they just love being around people, talking and listening, and making themselves seem like the most intelligent person in the room. But it’s a way to keep them happy, which will be a bonus for both you and them in the long-run.

Talk to Them About Their Interests

What does your Gemini friend feel passionate about right now? This may change from time to time, but it doesn’t mean that their current interests mean any less. Geminis love to talk and — let’s face it — if you’re not an outgoing person, this might be a tough one for you.

Just remember the social skills you’ve learned. People love talking about themselves, and this has never been truer than when Gemini discovers a new interest. Let them go off as long as they want — they’ll talk themselves out eventually. You know, probably.

Sure, Geminis can be over-talkative and may even come off as know-it-alls on occasion, but they can also be some of the most fun people you’ll ever meet. It’s nice to have one or two of them around as long as you can keep them from getting bored. On the plus side, you can almost always count on them to provide you with interesting factoids on a regular basis.

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