Zodiac Signs as Funny Animal Moments

If you haven’t watched a funny animal video lately, this is the one you should make time for. Seriously! Stop everything, and watch this. You’re sure to see your sign doing something hilarious – and hilariously accurate. We found it online and KNEW you needed to see it.

Are some of these moments total Zodiac sign stereotypes? Yes. Are some of them completely true anyway? Also yes. You’re either grinning right now or giving the screen the vibe of Aries cat, but you know it’s true.

We all know that you are so much more than your sign’s stereotype. Besides your sun sign, there’s also your moon sign and rising sign to take into account – never mind the entirety of your celestial chart. You’ve got layers, and don’t think for a moment that you’re reduced to one tiny trait of that. You’re still going to watch that video because it’s the laugh out loud break you need today! You’re just going to have to trust me on this.

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