What 80s Movie Are You Based on Your Sun Sign?

What 80s Movie Are You Based on Your Sun Sign
What 80s Movie Are You Based on Your Sun Sign

Who doesn’t love an 80s movie? Only people who haven’t seen them, obviously. So, let’s take a look at which 80s movie you’d be based on your Sun Sign. If you haven’t seen the ones on this list, be sure to hop in your Plymouth Duster, pop in your favorite cassette tape, and cruise on over to the nearest Blockbuster to check one out like it’s 1988 — or the 2023 equivalent.


Isn’t it obvious? You’re definitely The Goonies or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Your young-at-heart personality can embrace a daring hunt for treasure in hopes of saving a town or a cartoon rabbit framed for murder.


Your great love for wild things makes Teen Wolf an obvious movie pick. Big relate, right? But don’t forget Trading Places, which takes a look at how the other half lives. Your love of luxury could have you really getting this film about trading places with the ones we envy.


Your big and varied personality totally makes you Gremlins or The Breakfast Club. Maybe feeding you after midnight is inadvisable, or maybe you can just relate to having two very different sides to your personality. With the Breakfast Club, you are totally the rebel, princess, outcast, jock, brain, and nerd all in one fun package. Why be one thing when you can be them all?


Ha! You are totally The Burbs with that whole mama energy you’ve got going on. You get suburbia, and weird neighbors? Pfft! You know all about that. Will you mind your business to live and let live? Of course not! You’ll stick your nose right in it—and sometimes mayhem follows. But you’re totally Splash, too, and not just because you’re a water sign. You’ve got that whole mer-person energy down, and your moods are as changing as the sea.


What a feeling! You are totally Flashdance. I mean, you’re probably not a welding stripper trying to make it into Julliard, but you’ve got the kind of courage to relate. Your romantic side could have you totally identifying with Top Gun, and if Take My Breath Away doesn’t get you from the first chords, GTFOH!


A movie about a reluctant virgin. Who does that remind me of? Oh, yeah. You, dear Virgo. Not saying you’re a virgin at all, but you’ve totally got some Sixteen Candles energy. You can also rock a Weird Science vibe, if you don’t mind me saying so.


Your relationship loving heart clearly makes you Say Anything or Pretty in Pink. Iconic 80s romances totally scream LIBRA! In fact, I’m not 100% sure your heart isn’t just one lifted boombox to the window of our souls.


Just because you’re My Bodyguard or the Karate Kid doesn’t mean you have an anger problem. It also doesn’t mean you don’t. Read into that what you will, but this is a slight hint that you’ve got a pissed off ninja energy going on over there. You don’t just use it to fight for yourself; you’re totally up for throwing down for whatever you believe in.


You jonesing for freedom totally makes you Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Rules don’t apply to you! But your love for adventure also makes you Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, minus the whip. At least, we don’t think you have a whip, but we’re not judging if you do.


In film form, Caps are totally Field of Dreams or The Secret of My Success. Big dreams, big money. You totally get it. Or it gets you. One way or the other, these are the films that resonate with your ambitious soul.


If you aren’t ET or Ghostbusters, I don’t know who is. Your wide-open mind totally embraces ghosts and aliens, and you’re quite happy to argue the point.


Dear Pisces, your daydreaming vibe totally has you as The Princess Bride or The Never Ending Story. Epic fantasy adventures are 100% YOU, and if this doesn’t give you a lifelong fear of quicksand, a love of pirates, and a desire for a fluffy white dragon of your own, I don’t know who you are but it’s not a Pisces. Or even a human.

If this list didn’t make you want to binge watch all of them, I’m assuming you haven’t seen them. So, stop what you’re doing and head to your nearest Hollywood Video. Just kidding. Of course, find it on any of the streaming services and settle in for a night of big hair, epic love, terrifying shoulder pads, and movie magic.

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