Why Is Sagittarius So Big and Gassy?


Sagittarians are probably the biggest, gassiest people out there — but I’m not talking about obesity or flatulence here. I’m talking about their ego! Sags tend to have egos the size of Texas and are full of hot air. Why? Let’s dissect them — uh, their personalities, I mean.

Boundless Optimism

Perhaps the most well-known trait of Sagittarius the Archer is the natural optimism associated with it. Anyone born under this Sign likely has a tendency towards looking on the bright side and finding ways to bounce back from failures. Because of this, Sagittarians have a great natural buffer to keep their egos from being torn down by gut-punching reality, unlike the rest of us schmucks…

Humor on Point

Sags have a great sense of humor, usually stemming from that annoyingly boundless optimism of theirs. They see a problem and laugh in its face! Their great sense of humor also tends to uplift other people and they’re great at making other people laugh. Being an actually funny comedian can really boost self-esteem. No wonder Sags are so gassy.

Seeker of Challenges

Archers don’t just aim for any old easy targets, no way. They usually aim for the most difficult, most strenuous targets possible. And you know what? Often times they hit bullseye. Their love of challenges has a way of keeping their soul’s fire burning and their egos continually inflating. It’s a gosh darn miracle Sag people don’t explode from all that hot air!

Jupiter as Ruling Planet

Last but certainly not least, Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter, AKA the biggest, gassiest planet in our solar system. It’s no wonder people born under this Sign are so big and gassy. Like, you would be too if you were born under Jupiter.

Sagittarians were born with the tendency to be big, gassy, total comedians, and annoyingly optimistic. While all that might sound awful, it’s actually pretty great to have those characteristics. Sags aim for the top and hit their mark not matter what challenge they’re taking on. If they fall down, they get bounce back up again. Not to mention, having a Sagittarius as a friend is like having a personal comedian/self-help soundtrack to keep your spirit uplifted too. Sags are big, gassy, and totally irreplaceable gems.

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