Peppa Pig Rules the Zodiac

This one is for all you of you parents, caregivers, and childcare providers. If you’ve had a kid or been around a kid in the last decade and a half, you’ve probably come across the either charming or annoying (depending on your point of view) animated cartoon, Peppa Pig. Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t even know about it, you have to admit that this Zodiac rendition of Peppa that we found for you online totally nailed it! This Youtubber, Emma-Louise, clearly invested quality time in the creation of this, and when we found it, we KNEW you needed to see it, too.

The upside of familiarizing yourself with this Peppa-meets-astrology video is that you’ll have something to amuse your thoughts the next time the small child in your life insists that you watch 12 back-to-back hours of British animated pigs.

For people who aren’t parents, laugh all you want, but many parents out in the world are currently detoxing themselves from hours and hours of cartoons they wish they could forget existed or shows that were cute until you hit that 15th viewing. If you know you know. If you don’t, just watch.

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