10 Worst Zodiac Match-Ups

Can’t we all just get along?! Theoretically, yes. In reality, though, some people just don’t mix, and that could be due, in part, to their Sun signs. Thanks a lot for pitting us against each other, Universe!

Okay, really though. While some people might have a higher chance of clashing, like Rams and Bulls locking horns or Leo’s big personality overwhelming the generally quiet, reserved Virgo, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to pick a fight with another person just because the Universe (or this video) says you’re destined to have bad chemistry (I’m looking at you, Aries). In fact, if you’re a Libra and your bestie is a Capricorn, more power to you for sticking it to the Universe and rocking that harmony.

Sometimes it’s relatable and hilarious to attribute people not getting along to their Zodiacs, but that’s stopping short of some real progress. In fact, knowing WHY you may be clashing with another could help to remedy the bad blood.

Perhaps the 10 worst Zodiac match-ups video that we found online for you will help you think about ways to work through conflicts. Here’s to reaching a higher vibe!

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