5 Hilarious Fails of Aquarius Trying to Comfort Someone


Aquarius the Water Bearer may be known for their friendly nature, but that doesn’t always mean they’re great at doing the comforting friend bit. You want brutal honesty? They’re on it. You need comfort and support? Maybe call up Cancer the Crab. Of course, there are some hilarious attempts of Aquarians trying (and failing) to be the comforting friend. Let’s take a look…

Rough Life, Rough Look

Friend: But basically I’ve just been struggling a lot lately. Sleep is not my friend, y’know?
Aquarius: Wow, no wonder you’ve looked awful 24/7.
Friend: And now you’re no longer my friend.

Post Break-Up Blues

Friend: And then, right before they left with Sir Mittens, they told me I was too stupid to care for our cat!
Aquarius: To be fair, you’re not the brightest bulb in the room.
Friend: Excuse me?
Aquarius: Also, you’re better off without the cat. He’s pretty nasty.
Friend: You suck.

New Look, New Low Self-Esteem

Friend: So I got this new haircut and my girlfriend is real ticked. I’m starting to feel super bad about the whole decision now.
Aquarius: Send me a pic. Let’s assess the damage.
Friend: *sends Snapchat*
Aquarius: Wow, you look flipping ridiculous. Were you drunk when you did this?
Friend: ….

Beauty Basics

Friend: He said my favorite dress makes me look fat!
Aquarius: That’s ridiculous, a dress can’t make you look fat.
Friend: Right, like —
Aquarius: It’s not the dress. You’re just fat.
Friend: *CLICK*
Aquarius: But that’s okay because you’re also beautiful.

Aquarius: Uhm, hello?

Grandma’s Dead

Friend: I still can’t believe she’s gone. It was just, like, so sudden, y’know?
Aquarius: The woman was 94 and a chain smoker since age 17 who constantly did stuff to risk her life. It’s no wonder she drowned swimming in a pool of molasses on a dare.
Friend: …
Aquarius: She was gonna go sooner or later.
Friend: Why would you say that?!
Aquarius: Because it’s true???

Okay, so Aquarians may not always be the greatest at comforting people, but that’s only one negative in a sea of positives. Water Bearers are generally very friendly and accepting of even the wildest, weirdest people out there. Not to mention, their brains work to come up with the most eccentric ideas and that can be a lot of fun. Plus, they usually have a wicked sense of humor. Hee-haw!

Of course, they’re particularly fond of truth-telling. While sometimes that may come out as abrasive or downright rude on a low vibe day, Aquarians also speak kind truths, supportive truths, and loving truths. If your Aquarian says something that ticks you off, try to remember all the good that comes with the occasional asshole comment. They’re worth forgiving.

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