Rising Signs and the Masks We Wear


“What’s your Rising Sign?”

“What’s your Ascendant?”

“I’m a Scorpio Rising. How about you?”

As astrology gains popularity again, a lot of people are interested in their Rising Sign.

But, just what the heck is it, anyway?

I mean, you might already know you’re a Taurus Rising or something like that, but for real, if social media is any litmus test, a lot of beginners don’t know what it actually is — or why.

What is a Rising Sign?

Simplified, because it does vary a teeny bit with some House systems, your Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant, is the Sign on your 1st House Cusp.

Imagine standing in the middle of a big field where you could see the horizon on all sides. Look to the East. That eastern horizon is the first house at the moment you are standing there.

Your Rising Sign was the Sign that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

The Sign on the 1st House cusp takes on a special meaning in astrology, because it describes the archetype we express through our outward personality and physical body. Understanding the Rising Sign means better understanding how other people see and experience us.

Planets and other bodies in that House as well as close major aspects to the Ascendant may indicate a few additional details in a personality or physical body, and should be taken into consideration when interpreting the Rising Sign and 1st House.

How Is the Rising Sign Different From The Sun Sign?

The Ascendant is considered one of the “Big Three” signs, with the Sun and Moon. While, quite honestly, all of the planets reflect equally important layers to understanding yourself, this is because the Sun represents the psychological ego (your sense of “I am”), the Moon represents your emotions and your first reaction to things, and the Rising Sign reflects the outward personality and physical body.

So, understanding those three Signs in another person can give you an idea about how they will act and react to things, even without going more deeply into their psyche.

So, Your Rising Sign Is How People See You…

…rather than how you feel or who you are inside. That is how it is different to your Sun Sign. It is a mask, and how people filter you through their own perceptions and biases.

Understanding this deeply can truly help you see why sometimes people misinterpret who you are inside. If you feel like a peaceful and kind Pisces Sun but your Scorpio Ascendant presents as very intense, sensual, and even a little dangerous, for example, you might not understand why sometimes people run for the hills when you enter the room.

You cannot change people or their reactions, nor should you try to be someone you are not. Still, thanks to this thing called freewill, you can use this knowledge to be aware of your presence, and find the best way to channel your vibe or the right people to unleash it on. Your posse is out there, so get on out there and Rise.

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