Why Dating a Capricorn is the Worst


If you find yourself dating a Capricorn, you might just be a tough cookie.

No, seriously. Dating a Cap is the absolute worst! It should be an Olympic event, and you’re a gladiator if you can manage to date a Cap without losing your your mind.

While it’s great that Caps can navigate any obstacle, it’s so much less awesome when they see YOU as the obstacle. The fact that they can easily see how to work around you to get their way can be maddening. They don’t mean to walk all over you to get their way; they’re just so goal-oriented (infuriating, tenacious, stubborn) that they can’t really help it. I hope you like being dragged toward whatever future vision they have in mind! Hey, before it’s over, you’ll probably think it was your idea all along.

Arguing with a Capricorn?

It’s H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. They’re stubborn and logical, which means that they think they’re always right. Much of the time, it’s because they are, but even in the rare times you catch them wrong-footed, don’t expect an instant apology. They’re excellent grudge-holders, and it may take them a while to realize that they’re in the wrong and need to cough up a sincere apology. But when they do finally apologize in their rare admission of being wrong, they really mean it.

Tick them off, and they may just freeze you out. It may come across as cold and calculating, but really Caps are super sensitive. They’re natural over-thinkers and always expect the worst. A Cap who’s freezing you out may be deeply upset by the conflict and struggling to communicate about it. A patient, sensitive partner can help draw out the hurting, often secretive, Capricorn partner.

A Capricorn who lashes out could be reacting out of fear.

Kind of like a puppy, right?

They expect the worst, so their reactions can be explosive as they prepare for the absolute worst-case scenario. Cap partners need to be pretty damn patient to realize that fear is what’s hiding under the anger.

So, why even consider dating a Capricorn if they’re so damn difficult?

Well, Caps are easily one of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac. They are steadfast, which means that they apply the same stubbornness that drives you crazy to working on the relationship. They won’t give up on you when things get tough, and they won’t flinch at facing a challenge side by side.

Going through life with a Cap means that you can count on their loyalty, fidelity, and tenacity during the good times and the tough ones. If that sounds boring, don’t forget that Caps are incredibly passionate — inside and outside the bedroom. Things don’t get boring with Cap, and you can trust that they’ll stick with you and love you as passionately as they do everything else.

So, maybe dating a Cap isn’t the absolute worst. Jot that down and maybe stick it up on a mirror somewhere. You may need the reminder when things get tough. If you show them the loyalty they show you, you’ll thank your lucky stars your partner is a Cap.

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