How Each Venus Sign Texts Lovers


Oh, buddy. Texting is an entire artform unto itself, and each person has their own unique style for different people they talk to. When it comes to messaging significant others and love interests, Venus likes to come out to play. Depending on your Venus sign, you could have a VERY direct approach or be subtle and poetic. And, of course, there are always emojis to really drive your point home! đŸ˜‰

Take this NSFW skit that we found for you online with a grain of salt and a good sense of humor. Of course, not every Gemini has a handful of hook-ups to message and Scorpio’s jealous side is usually only front and center for low-vibing Scorpions on low vibing days (but do beware a Scorpio scorned… RIP teddy bear).

When it comes to texting, you do your best to express yourself and that’s all anyone can ask. Speak from your heart (or whatever body part you’re vibing with — no judgement) and you can’t go wrong. XOXO. Winky face emoji. Heart! Heart! Heart!

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