It’s Funny Because It’s True: Why We Can Laugh Off Zodiac Sign Stereotypes

Every Zodiac sign has a stereotype. It’s easy to laugh at our quirks and say #CapLife or “That’s just a Cancer mood” or “That’s peak Gemini energy”. We can also easily identify those traits in others and see how they just might fit the mold. Zodiac sign stereotypes are funny — because they’re usually true.

But the reason it’s so easy to laugh at these stereotypes is that we know that there’s more to us than any stereotype can ever include. Aries might be impatient, and Virgo might be meticulous and independent — but that’s not their whole story. Capricorns are definitely ambitious, and Sagittarians may really, really, really love their freedom — but that’s not everything you need to know about them.

We can laugh our way through videos like this because we know that we are more than a couple of zany traits.

And, honestly, we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a kernel of truth in each of these stereotypes. Still, we see the big picture. Our birth signs may influence some of our traits, but we know that we’re in the driver’s seat—always able to go in a new direction any time we feel like it. Of course, some of us will stop and ask for directions to get there and some of us would rather die than ask for help, but no matter what stereotype we’re rocking, we’ll get where we’re going in the end.

In the meantime, we might as well get a good laugh at ourselves and others like us. After all, it wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t true.

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