Making Friends With the Signs

Making friends as an adult is hard. Dating can be even harder. Sometimes, it’s just hard to get to know people.

If you’ve met other people with your sign, you’ve likely noticed some shared Zodiac characteristics. You know when they like you and when they’re secretly annoyed. You vibe with them because you’re so alike.

With other people? It’s not always so easy. Check out this video that we found for you online to learn the subtle clues that each Zodiac sign feels close to you.

You might miss some of these signs if you aren’t paying attention. You can’t assume that everyone shows affection like you do or receives it in the same way either. You don’t have to memorize the traits of every celestial sign to be informed. It can help to know the star sign, but it also helps to be open to the subtle signs someone is opening up, reaching out, or showing that they’re receptive to a friendship or romantic relationship.

The signs that they aren’t into it will be easier to decipher. A cold shoulder, monosyllabic reply, or obvious disinterest could come through loud and clear. Don’t let those signs disturb you. Just keep moving, and you’ll likely find the people you vibe with when you pay attention to the little hints that you’re being accepted and appreciated just for being YOU.

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