The Zodiac Signs as Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters

Natural disasters don’t exactly fit into our careful life plans. Preparing for them often doesn’t make our list. If we live in high-risk areas, we may take more precautions, but overall storm prep probably ranks right up there with changing light bulbs and putting new batteries in the smoke alarm- important but not something that occupies much of our attention.

Of course, some of us have high-risk disasters right in our inner circle and don’t even know it. Let’s talk the Zodiac Signs as Natural Disasters. Are you at all prepared for this?


If you have an Aries in your life, you already know that you’re in a danger zone. While Aries has many good qualities, their quick temper can make them a fierce enemy. Aries as a natural disaster is most certainly a flood. Be prepared to be swept away with their fierce anger once unleashed.


If you love Taco Tuesday, Taurus is definitely the friend for you, but if Taurus was a natural disaster, they would be a famine. That’s right: they’re going to eat all the damn tacos and sit back and watch you starve. It’s nothing personal. Tacos are just that good!


You can be sure the twin of the Zodiac is a high-risk person to know. While having an incredible ability to reason and multitask, they also have an innate ability to be all over the place. Is it any wonder they’d be a tornado? Getting twisted and wreaking havoc could be Gem’s normal reaction to disappointed expectations or general life frustration. Take shelter while you can!


Get ready for a Category 5 hurricane, destroying cities and then totally chilling after everything is wrecked. That’s a Cancer in a nutshell. They can nurture you, love you, and be there for you to admire, but the second you piss them off, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve been holding an umbrella during a hurricane. You’ll likely come out of it a little worse for wear while Cancer goes back to normal like nothing every happened.


Leos are great at a grand romantic gesture, but get in their way, and you could have a raging wildfire on your hands. You can either get out a stick and roast some marshmallows or move as fast as you can before getting burned. When they simmer down, they’ll be back to practicing fire safety with a little romantic candlelight, but in full anger mode, they could do some serious damage that necessitates a lot of healing and growth afterward.


Virgo has many good qualities like an excellent work ethic, mad loyalty, and incredible reserves of kindness, but that doesn’t mean they can’t turn dangerous. If Virgo was a natural disaster, they would be a plague of locusts. It’s only natural that their connectedness to the Earth would bring on a plague of epic proportions. After all, plagues are a great way to show people that they have earned your disappointment and judgment, right? Maybe arm yourself with Raid or an eco-friendly alternative and hope they chill out before everything is wrecked and ruined.


Libra’s need for balance could have them being the severe thunderstorm of the Zodiac. Sure, they want to get loud and throw around some lightning bolts, but the rain will be good for the flowers and trees. The sense of balance would appeal to Libras and allow them to have a temper tantrum that also nurtures the earth at the same time.


Red alert! Red alert! If you have a Scorpio in your life, you should always be prepared for their violent temper, even if it’s just simmering beneath the surface. Yep, you guessed it. Scorpio is, of course, a volcano. They make fantastic friends with their bravery and passion, but if you get in their way or lie to them, expect an explosion the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It might be time to run before any of that lava burns your lying tail. Or maybe as a precautionary measure, just always be honest with our Scorpio friends.


Saggy’s sense of generosity, idealism, and freedom could make them seem like an unlikely candidate for a natural disaster. They’re very likely to be the earthquake of the Zodiac, shaking things up to call attention to their distress. Depending on how mad they are may impact how much of an earthquake to expect, but be sure that there will be an earth-shaking reaction if you mess with them.


Caps are definitely super loyal, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t rate as high-risk. Betray a Capricorn, and you can expect them to freeze you out. Cap is definitely a blizzard with maybe an avalanche thrown in for good measure. Expect them to cut you off and grow cold fast if you deal falsely with this stubborn sign. Great emergency preparedness could be unfailing honesty—and a warm coat if you can’t do that.


Aquarius’s humanitarian nature combined with their independent spirit could have you thinking that they alone couldn’t possibly be a natural disaster. Just keep in mind that Aquarius individuals tend to be um, a little bit, well, a lot temperamental. Their uncompromising nature and aloof attitude will likely make them a drought. Don’t be surprised if they enjoy a drink while you’re dying of thirst either. They might take an academic interest in your suffering, but at the bottom of it all, they’ll think you deserve it.


And last, but certainly never least, Pisces comes in as the Tsunami of the Zodiac. A water sign who can alternate between deep compassionate intuition and overpowering fears, Pisces could unleash a tsunami of emotions on anyone who is unkind or critical. While they may forgive you later, they might sweet you away with their emotions and drown you first.

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