January 20 to February 18
Polarity: Masculine/Assertive
Quality: Fixed
Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Keyphrase: I Know
Ruler: Uranus

The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer.

What the heck is that?

Okay, so, while it is rougher to wrap your head around than say a ram or a twin, the water bearer pours life and spirituality from their big old flask into the world.

Pretty epic.

They are visionaries with mile wide humanitarian streaks.

Ruled by Uranus, two words to describe an Aquarius are:

Eccentric mystic.

Aquarians need freedom like the rest of us need water, so they tend to pull away if they feel fenced in or controlled… and they can have a temper about it for sure.

So, don’t fence them in and they will make for smart, insightful friends and lovers.

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