Sun Signs as Live Bloopers

Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we planned. While it can, at times, be heartbreaking, oftentimes life’s twists and turns provide us with some necessary comic relief. Being able to laugh at ourselves and take life in stride is a skillset we can all stand to cultivate. After all, laughter is rumored to be the best medicine.
For this reason, I give you Live TV bloopers as Zodiac signs. It’s like every sun sign’s peak mood in hilarious outtakes, animal bloopers, random photo bombs, Freudian slips, weather mishaps, and interviews that just don’t go as planned.

We all have our quirks. Being able to laugh at them and to see the humor in life can help us weather the tough days—and look forward to better ones to come.
Keep laughing, and stay healthy.

Copyright 2021