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Signs as Super Villains

The Zodiac Signs as Super Villains

Villains. Criminals. They're out there... and if the Zodiac Signs were people and prone to the naughty list or bent on world domination, what...
Moon Signs

You and Your Marvelous Moon Sign

While less well-known in mainstream astrology than Sun Signs, the Moon is just as important. Why? Because your Sun Sign reflects your sense of...

What Do the Planets Mean in Astrology?

When you think about your zodiac sign (the one you read about in your Astrovibe daily horoscope), that is the sign that the Sun...

The Office/Zodiac Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

The Office was an instant hit, and it’s no wonder. We didn’t have to work at Dunder Mifflin to relate to the awkwardness, boredom,...

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