Totally Relatable Zodiac TikToks


Oh, TikTok, what a weirdly wonderful platform for endless creative videos. Indeed, folks have been making hilarious (often stereotypical) shorts about the Zodiacs, and some of the most relatable ones have been put together into this amusing compilation of Zodiac TikToks. I am partial to the clips of each Zodiac’s self-care routine. 🙂

While not every one of the clips will be totally accurate for you, it can be great to find the humor in these creative shorts. From the romantic nature of Taurus, Cancer, and Sag to each Sign’s unique struggle with apologizing, there’s a lot packed in there. Of course, it’s not all gonna be accurate. Are some people destined for “hell” just because of their Zodiac? Definitely not. You choose your own path.

Still, watching silly Zodiac Tiktoks can be a great way to get in some laughs — even if it’s funny because it’s NOT remotely close to accurate for you or your loved ones. Sit back, relax, have a laugh and check out this video that we found for you.

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